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Hi I'm Chris,I am a fully qualified Government Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

I have lived in Aylesbury my whole life. I was educated locally have worked locally and have a family in aylesbury with children who are also at school locally. Whilst I love to get out and around our beautiful country, I love the area we live in and feel privileged to be a part of the vale and around the people that live here.

I have spent my adult life driving cars, vans, tractors, buses and motorbikes. Spending so long on the roads in so many different types of vehicles has given me a true appreciation for the need to drive safely and for what's required to achieve that safely.

I love learning new things and I’m always looking for new ways of helping you achieve your goals, Though I get as much pleasure (probably more) at seeing others discover things for the first time. Watching someone beam with pride as they develop is a joy. Teaching driving is an amazing way to do that.

Just about anyone can learn to be a safe and confident driver and I truly do believe I can help you to do that.

Traditionally an instructor will tell you how to do something and you will practise until you get it right. This can be slow, stressful and if it works only teaches you to do it right, not how to fix it when it goes wrong.

I chose to align myself with LDC and train with them because the system we use promotes safe driving in a way this ‘Traditional’ method never could. What our system does is gives you the tools and resources to learn and lets you find your own way in a calm and safe environment. By being allowed to make your own mistakes in a safe place along the way you learn to solve your own problems when they arise.It puts you in complete control and allows you to choose the pace you learn at and gives you the tools to speed up your path to becoming a safe driver, or to give you the time you need to become confident in yourself.

aim to make every lesson productive and enjoyable through being calm. It's only in this environment that a learner can thrive.

Well I hope this gives you a brief idea about me so please feel free to click here to "Contact me"